anthony d'angelo

Anthony D'Angelo is a student of Media Arts and Practice at USC's School of Cinematic arts.

He writes and speaks about web video history, politics, and sociology on his YouTube channel, which has been active since 2007. As a passionate advocate for the discipline of internet video studies, he curates open-access resources for other students to reference in lieu of a fully developed undergraduate curriculum.

He currently works as Head of Creator Track Experience for VidCon, the world's premiere conference for online video. In the past he has worked as a technical production hand for web-first production companies like Funny Or Die and SoulPancake, and as post-production assistant for television and web advertisements at Arcade Edit.

He is a member of the Media Activism and Participatory Politics project, and has been involved with UpLift, a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating sexual violence in online spaces.

He has dabbled in stop-motion animation, virtual reality, luthiery, video synthesis, and songwriting, and creates projection art for night clubs and festivals under the monicker Proteus Bound.