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My Cool Weblog

Before search engines, personally-maintained weblogs were how most internet users found their way around the web. Human curation (not algorithms!) shaped the flow of web traffic. This page is a practice in oldschool web logging: a collection of my favorite links and resources.

Educational Resources


  • Internet Archive: The internet’s premier cultural archive.
  • Wikipedia: It’s Wikipedia. You know Wikipedia.
  • Jepson Herbarium : Useful resource for California native plant identification
  • CNPS CalScape: California Native Plant Society’s plant life database.
  • CalFlora : Resource on California native plants and gardening practices.
  • iNaturalist: Massive database of user-generated observations of natural life. Useful tool for identifying plants and animals.
  • Serebii: Long-running encyclopedia of Pokémon data.
  • NASA Horizons: API for gathering precise data on celestial bodies, including stars, planets, moons, and satellites.
  • NOAA: Resource for nationwide oceanographic and weather data.
  • Densho Encyclopedia: Detailed information about American concentration camps in WWII.
  • Bricks In Motion: Archive of stop-motion animation videos using LEGO as a medium. Long-running community forum with helpful tips and tricks.

Web Tools

  • 12 Foot Ladder: Useful for sidestepping paywalled content on the web.
  • Modular Grid: Tool for visualizing and organizing Eurorack synth arrangements.
  • MarineTraffic.com: Live visualization of public maritime tracking info.
  • FlightAware: Live visualization of publicly available flight data.
  • LiveATC: Livestream of Air Traffic Control communications.
  • Broadcastify: Livestreams of thousands of HAM radio frequencies.
  • FCC.io: Simple search tool for FCC ID info.

Networks & Communities

  • cohost: A young (nonprofit!) social media platform. Very Good Posts.
  • The WELL: Real people, real conversation since 1985.
  • neocities: Hosts thousands of “old web” style pages generated by users from around the world.


Organizations & Research Bodies

Cool Internet People

  • Fran Blanche: Explorations of vintage technology and DIY electronics.
  • The Carpetbagger: Informative videos and reflections on American life.
  • mikeno62: Detailed repair videos for SLR cameras and lenses.
  • Zoe Blade's Notebook: Musician and technology researcher hosts useful information about hardware, software, and more.
  • Big Soy Naturals: 300 IQ geniuses with a podcast.


  • LittleSnitch: Customizeable network filter.
  • BlockBlock: Monitors for installation of persistent startup components.
  • QGIS: Open-source alternative to ArcGIS.
  • Octave: Open-source alternative to MATLAB.
  • GQRX: Open-source software-defined radio.
  • SyncTerm: GUI for connecting to oldschool BBS.
  • DiskInventoryX: Treemaps visualizer for drive space and storage management.
  • WireShark: Capture and observe network traffic.
  • HandBrake: Open source video transcoder.
  • Lumen: Analog video synthesis emulation.
  • WS4000 Simulator: oldschool Weather Channel report emulator.
  • Rockd: Geological maps for mobile.
  • OpenEMU: open-source emulator for various vintage consoles.
  • OBS: Open-source video recording and streaming software.
  • Helm: Open source digital synthesis instrument.